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New DM6446 Professional SDK with support for TI's DVSDK 4

RidgeRun announces this week the release of the updated Linux SDK for DM6446 and DM6446-T processors.  The updated Linux SDK moves from using TI's DVSDK version to using DVSDK  In addition, the Linux kernel is updated from 2.6.18 to 2.6.32. The SDK includes C64x support with TI's codec engine running on the DSP, Linux drivers for the hardware included in the Evaluation Board, and RidgeRun's personalized technical support. All of the above is added to long list of multimedia applications processing audio, video and images based on GStreamer technology, with DM6446 specific hardware accelerated support. Use the Contact Us form to learn more about how using DVSDK4 with the DM6446-T processor at 800 Mhz can help your product win in the market place.

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