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GStreamer 1.0 support for DM368

RidgeRun has teamed for Texas Instruments to develop the hardware accelerated DMAI GStreamer plug-in. The DMAI plug-in is used in many shipping products around the world that have been developed over the past several years. With the release of GStreamer 1.0, RidgeRun has the opportunity to get some performance gains that are critical to embedded devices. Specifically the GStreamer 1.0 framework has a different buffer handling mechanism which removes the need to copy data. This performance improvement is critical in the IP network camera (IPNC) design. RidgeRun has started a clean slate implementation for a GStreamer 1.0 hardware accelerated plug-in for the DM368. We currently have video capture and video display working. Over the next several weeks we will add support for hardware accelerated video encode/decode (H.264, MPEG4, MJPEG), audio encode/decode (AAC/MP3), and hardware accelerated color space conversion and imaging resizing. As usual, RidgeRun will make this GStreamer plug-in available on a public repository with a LGPL license.

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