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Gstreamer multimedia framework


GStreamer is an open source library for constructing of graphs of media-handling components. GStreamer uses the notion of sources, filters, and sinks connected in a pipeline to handle streaming audio and video data. The GStreamer framework has been around 9 years and has wide adoption on GNOME desktop, with a rich set of media players, recorders, audio and video editors, among other uses. There are over 200 GStreamer plug-ins available. Much of this GStreamer infrastructure can be used directly in embedded multimedia devices.

RidgeRun offers streaming media software reference designs and professional engineering services to help you get your multi-media product to market faster. Based on GStreamer, the reference designs offer high performance solutions based on TI's DaVinci and OMAP devices. RidgeRun will get you up and running quickly so your talent can focus on what make your product unique.

For more information regarding Gstreamer visit the project website.

Gstreamer for TI SoCs

ti omap dev 1c rev rgb

High performance solutions leveraging the DSP power

In one multimedia application development approach there is a simple extensible framework called GStreamer that makes it easy to create pipelines for processing streaming media and another approach is a what appears to be a highly coupled, processor specific tuned solution taking advantage of all the on-chip hardware accelerators. To simplify multimedia application development that takes advantage of available hardware accelerators, Texas Instruments developed DMAI, the Davinci Multimedia Application Interface. The DMAI GStreamer plug-in is an easy-to-understand and use means of supporting multi-media streaming based on the widely used GStreamer pipeline model utilizing the high performance DMAI sub-system.

RidgeRun is an strategic partner with TI to deliver professional services to build the next generation of multimedia solutions with Gstreamer on the Davinci/OMAP SoCs family.

For more information regarding Gstreamer plugins for Texas Instruments Davinci and OMAP platform visit the project website.


Delivering Complete Solutions

In addition to great multi-media streaming, embedded products require user interface technology, power management, device update, manufacturing support, and a host of other enablers. Team up with RidgeRun, the experts in Linux based streaming media product development.

RTSP Streaming Media

RTSP Streaming Media

RidgeRun RTSP Streaming Media Streaming Software Reference Design FOSS based RTSP Streaming Media Streaming software combined with Texas Instrument's royalty-free software integrated, tested, and packaged in an easy-to-use SDK will shorten your time to market, simplify your development effort, and allow your engineering team to focus on value-added features.


  • * Zero-copy streaming media framework right to the Linux TCP/IP stack.
  • * Out of the box VGA support using H.264 and G711 encoding.
  • * Customizable media pipeline makes it easy to scale the video, pan to different parts of the video, change which encoders are used.


  • 1) GStreamer (gstreamer-0.10.23, gst-plugins-base-0.10.23, gst-plugins-good-0.10.14, gst-plugins-bad-0.10.11, gst-plugins-ugly-0.10.11)
  • 2) Darwin Streamer Server
  • 3) Reference software support VGA video streaming over Ethernet
  • 4) Integration into an easy-to-use build environment