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RidgeRun SDK Features

RidgeRun SDK's provide a solid foundation for embedded software development. The Developer's SDK provides tools and packages that reduce the time to market of your embedded Linux project.

Design Overview

RidgeRun SDK is designed to provide a simple and consistent tool to develop embedded Linux projects taking advantage of benefits such as:

  • A modular design approach wich allows easily upgrade and enhance individual components of the SDK.
  • Easy porting of open source applications.
  • Easy integration of custom applications.
  • Simplify dependency handling between different open source components.

Designed for embedded development

Our Developer's SDK is designed by embedded development engineers exclusively for embedded development.

  • Support for integration with Eclipse CDT: build your SDK from the command line, or from eclipse, your choice
  • System level profiling support with Oprofile
  • Easy switch between NFS root file system or your final file system format
  • RidgeRun bootloader may be easily customized for manufacturing requirements
  • Simplify installing images to your board, Run "Make, then Make Install"
  • Current Kernel versions



Integration: That's a word that you rarely hear in embedded Linux. Due the nature of the open source projects and the spare of the resources is often difficult to find a single source for information, support or help with everyone of your embedded Linux project pieces. And even harder to get them integrated unless you account for deep Linux expertise.

Embedded Linux vendors provide integration for their products, but RidgeRun goes beyond the integration in our products to look for the integration inyourproducts.


RidgeRun provides you greater integration through several ways:

  • Our design simplifies the software configuration and interaction, allowing the system to take smart decisions wihtout getting in your way. For example the snapshot at the left shows the configuration system based on Linux kernel kbuild scripts used for the complete system. This allows good integration:
    • Select NFS file system, and will enable NFS support on the kernel, and the bootloader scripts will automatically generated NFS command lines (same for other file systems).
    • Selecting DSP codecs reserve the memory space required for them on the kernel command line
    • etc.
  • Simplifying typical developer use cases with the SDK:
    • Simplified integration of autotools based applications
    • Automated scripts to deploy the firmware to u-boot that handle memory layout of flash and RAM

Open Tech

Open Technologies

RidgeRun technologies and expertise is based on open technology, and RidgeRun cooperates with established communities to develop their products. RidgeRun looks to use or improve open source solutions for the problems at hand whatever is posible.
RidgeRun commitment to open technologies reflects on:

  • The SDKs provided kernel versions synchronized with the appropiate Git tree whatever is possible, and any enchance or improvement performed is contributed back to the community. This enable customers to get also the latest improvements and patches.
  • We design solutions based on standard open source techologies and take advantage of the existing libraries and frameworks.

No vendor lock-in

RidgeRun uses of open technologies enables customers to use the tools they want, and the services they want. RidgeRun SDK is one-time fee per product, no annual fees, no per-developer fees.

What happen if I already have a Linux port to my embeded product, but I want RidgeRun expertise and solutions? RidgeRun offers embedded Linux expertise that can be applied to any solution, we will be happy to support you.

Embedded Software for your product

RidgeRun offers several software bundles for the Developer's SDK that include open source applications and custom made applications to reduce your product development time.



RidgeRun has a long track on embedded Linux development for Texas Instruments System On Chips.

RidgeRun expertise with embedded Linux is an advantage as we provide solutions that works and integrates well with the "Linux way" for solving problems. No hacks, no reinventing the wheel, no unmaintainable or un-reusable code. Our software is designed to create great solutions.


Support you can trust: not call center trained rookies

RidgeRun prides itself of having direct engineering relationships with our costumers. The quickest way to get to the root of a problem is to talk to the person who wrote the code or designed the solution. RidgeRun will never give you the run-around on getting to the people in-the-know.

The Developer's SDK includes auto-update features that you may use to get the latest patches and code drops from RidgeRun. No need of complicated procedures, update in your desktop.

Support resources

RidgeRun customers get support hours included on the purchase of the SDK that provide several valuable resources to customers:

  • Phone support directly with the engineers that develop the SDK.
  • E-mail support.
  • Access to help desk system to track your issues on real time.
  • Always improving documentation.

Support beyond duty

We are passionate about we do, so you will find our engineers partipating on open source and third-party mailing lists, exchanging ideas and helping others.

Tech Specs

Technical Specifications

Core features to all our supported SDKs are

  • Linux 2.6 kernel with real-time patches (kernel version depends on the specific hardware)
  • GCC 4.1 or up with soft-float ARM® processor support or floating point (and NEON) support for ARMv7
  • uClibc or glibc based toolchain
  • NPTL thread library for better thread performance (also in uClibc!)
  • EABI support on ARM® targets
  • gdbserver and gdb for system debugging with debugging support from Eclipse CDT.
  • 10 or 60 hour support contract included
    • Use it for support questions
    • Board bring-up support
    • Driver tuning
    • Open source package porting
    • Application design support
  • Current fixes, tuning and patches
    • Evaluation SDK typically lags 6 months behind
    • Oprofile tool for system profiling

Additional Features on some platforms

  • Support several target file systems (initrd, cramfs, romfs, JFFS2, NFS)
  • Open OCD script generation (ask about inexpensive ways to load code to your own boards)
  • Sample programs for AIC, I2C and SPI devices
  • Dual boot or backup partition aids
  • Power management for RidgeRun supported drivers and many CPU's
  • Proprietary licensed bootloader RRload (if you need to be GPL-free)
  • Additional open source applications as they are ported


Contact Info

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RidgeRun, LLC
340 S. Lemon Ave
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Walnut, CA 91789

USA: 1-800-798-6093
INDIA: +91-9731995485

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In addition to providing integrated and tested Linux board support packages, RidgeRun also offers an array of engineering services. 

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