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DM8148 Based Solutions

RidgeRun provides a fully featured Embedded Linux Software Development Kit for the Texas Instruments DM8148 architecture, a member of TI's DaVinci™ product family.

The DM8148 is tuned for applications such as digital surveilance, IP video cameras, set-top boxes.

The DM8148 processor consists of  an integrated video processing subsystems for high definition encode / decode in resolutions upto 1080p/60 FPS.  The processor is based on an ARM cortex A8 CPU with NEON™ extension, and TI C674x VLIW floating-point DSP core.

RidgeRun has extensive support for the TI DM8168 and TI DM8148 based hardware platforms.  We are specialists in GStreamer, an open-source multimedia framework for Linux.   We have developed and contributed GStreamer prlug-in's for these TI chip based platforms which will leverage the hardware accelerators and DVSDK components from TI. 

We support encoding and decoding based on all TI provided CODEC's for the TI DM8148 chipset.  In addition, RidgeRun has made special plug-in enhancements to the TI provided OPENMax framework to support:

  • Zero memory copy piplines
  • Fast forward and Reverse processing
  • Pause

RidgeRun has also developed significant add-ons which allow for image capture inside a video stream, simple support for RTSP streaming, 1080p60 video capture and streaming, video overlays and a number of additional capabilities.


  • Bootloader (specific kernel depends on the platform)
  • Linux Kernel 2.6 (specific kernel depends on the platform)
  • TI EZSDK integration
  • ARM GCC based toolchain (specific version depends on the platform)
  • Integrated build and configuration system.
  • Deploy utilities to automated deployment of firmware during development cycle.
  • GStreamer version 0.1
  • GStreamer optimized openmax for dm81XX
  • Open Source drivers:
  • UART, Ethernet, MTD (NAND and NOR flash), GPIO, DMA, V4L2, watchdog timer,
  • Real time clock, USB host, USB gadget, VPBE framebuffer, ALSA audio, I2C, SPI, MMC/SD
  • ARM® side audio codecs available
  • Many open source applications available
  • GStreamer based omx camera plugin
  • h264 parser without memcopies


  • Boot from SD cards and NAND memories, supporting env functions to read your environment from a *.txt file in a SD card
  • Decompress functions in uboot to handle tarballs that were previously compressed using the GZ algorithm, useful during production stages and support on the field.
  • Filesystems by NFS, UBIFS and Ext3 are supported
  • EZSDK completely integrated
  • Graphics SDK completely integrated, supporting the SGX530 3D Graphics Engine through the PowerVR driver
  • Qt with openGL is supported
  • CUPS printing system completely integrated with Qt
  • Includes latest gstreamer 0.10 distributions available: gstreamer-0.10.36, gst-plugins-bad-0.10.23, gst-plugins-base-0.10.36, gst-plugins-good-0.10.31, gst-plugins-ugly-0.10.19
  • Gstreamer + openMax supported, with customized plugins which will allow you to encode H264 1080p@60|30fps to a file using just 20% of the ARM.
  • Dual H264 encoding from a gstreamer pipeline
  • Dual capture of 1080p@60|30fps video with embedded sync signals supported through V4L2 and gstreamer
  • Dual display through V4L2 and gstreamer
  • RTSP streaming of 1080p@60|30fps is supported
  • AAC encoding and decoding as well as MP3 decoding on the DSP
  • **Hardware accelerated JPEG encoding. Call RidgeRun for details



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