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DM6446 Professional SDK

RidgeRun provides a fully featured Embedded Linux Software Development Kit for the Texas Instruments DaVinci DM6446 architecture.
SDK Add-ons
Gstreamer wrapped DSP audio / video algorithms ( $1,499.00)
GStreamer multi-stream / mulit-channel RTSP server element ( $1,499.00)
Motion Detection (Pluggable) ( $1,499.00)
GStreamer Fast Text/Graphics Overlay ( $1,800.00)
Additional CMOS Sensor or V4L2 driver ( $2,499.00)
USB standard UVC / UAC driver ( $4,999.00)
Manufacturing tests ( $6,999.00)
Pre-Record GStreamer Element ( $2,499.00)

Product Description

DM6446/T Based Solutions

DM6446/T Based Solutions

RidgeRun provides support for the SpectrumDigital DM6446 Evaluation Board (EVM). This EVM is supported with the Professional SDK. The "T" version is also supported with 800Mhz processor and update kernel.

The DM6446 Evaluation Module (EVM) enables developers to immediately start evaluating DM6446 DaVinci™ digital media processors which are ideal for applications such as videophones, automotive info-tainment, digital still cameras, streaming media and IP set-top boxes.

The DM6446 EVM support from RidgeRun includes our Linux kernel and file system fully integrated with logic to handle TI DVSDK 4 released by Texas Instruments as well as GStreamer support -- all these features included in a user friendly development environment which will allow you to focus in the development of your product.



Based on RidgeRun SDK

Linux Kernel 2.6.32 based on TI's PSP 

Uboot u-boot-2010.12

JFFS2, NFS and UBI filesystem support

Boot from NAND / NOR

RidgeRun u-boot installer technology to simplify firmware deployment

DVSDK integration in the build system

GStreamer support for DSP codecs

Toolchain based on gcc 4





Getting Started Guide for DM6446 EVM
SDK 2011Q2 for DM6446 EVM Board