Add MP3 support to 20011q2 SDK

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This wiki page contains instructions on adding MP3 recording support to the SDK.

The DVSDK package TI provides doesn't include the MP3 codecs. These can be obtained after an approval procedure on TI's site.

SDK setup

Once you have the software packages with the codecs install them on:


then enable the branch DMAI plugins (enabled by default):

 Say Y if you want to checkout the plugins from Dompe's branch                                                               
 Symbol: PROPRIETARY_TI_GST_CODECS_BRANCH [=y]                                                                               
 Prompt: Branch                                                                                                              
   Defined at proprietary/gst-dmai-plugins/Config:21                                                                         
   Depends on: <choice>                                                                                                      
     -> Proprietary software                                                                                                 
       -> Gstreamer DMAI Plugins (PROPRIETARY_TI_GST_CODECS [=y])                                                            
         -> SVN Plugins Source (<choice> [=y]) 

finally enable the patch that adds the MP3 DMAI plugin:

cd $DEVDIR/proprietary/gst-dmai-plugins/patches/arch
echo add_mp3_support_dmai_plugins.patch >> series

Using the plugins

The installed plugins will be named dmaienc_mp3 and dmaidec_mp3. You can explore their capabilities using:

gst-inspect dmaienc_mp3
gst-inspect dmaidec_mp3

Some example pipelines using MP3 codec can be found on