How to generate AIS Uboot Image for UART Flashing for Hawkboard

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In brief, the procedure consist on generate the ELF u-boot image, then

Getting the ELF u-boot image

1. In the Ridgerun SDK, go to <DEVDIR ROOT>/bootloader/uboot.x/src

# cd bootloader/uboot.x/src

2. Export the variable CROSS_COMPILE

# export CROSS_COMPILE=/opt/arm-linux-gnueabi/bin/arm-linux-gnueabi-

3. Export the variable ARCH

# export ARCH=arm

4. Clean the configuration

# make distclean

5. Set the configuration:

# make omapl_hawkboard_config 

6. Compile u-boot

# make

7. The last step must generate one the file named "u-boot", this file is the ELF u-boot image file that must be used to generate the AIS file.

Generating the AIS u-boot image file

In order to generate the AIS u-boot image file, use the ELF u-boot image generated in the last section. You need to use one tool to generate the AIS file (Windows application), this tool can be downloaded from:

The following procedure explains how to get AIS file using the mentioned tool.

Set all the configuration like explain the documentation