DM365 LeopardBoard network video streaming latency test

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A simple test to get a feel for the amount of latency when RTP network streaming live video from a LeopardBoard 365 to a PC.

Bootloader, kernel, filesystem

The RidgeRun professional SDK using the DDOMPE branch for the hardware accelerated TI DMAI GStreamer plug-in.

Image loading instructions

U-boot parameter setup instructions

Output from successful boot

Loaded modules

The RidgeRun SDK uses a CMEM pool configuration designed for vide decode. The following pool values are used to work properly with video encode.

modprobe cmemk phys_start=0x84200000 phys_end=0x88000000 pools=$POOLS
modprobe edmak.ko
modprobe irqk
modprobe dm365mmap.ko

GStreamer pipelines

Video only pipelines

DM365 sending video only pipeline

export HOST_IP=

gst-launch -v -e \
   v4l2src chain-ipipe=true always-copy=false ! \
   video/x-raw-yuv,format=\(fourcc\)NV12, width=1280, height=720, framerate=\(fraction\)23/1 ! \
   dmaiaccel ! \
   dmaiperf ! \
   queue ! \
   dmaienc_h264 targetbitrate=800000 encodingpreset=2 ! \
   rtph264pay ! \
   udpsink host=$HOST_IP port=10000

PC receiving video only pipeline

gst-launch -v \
   udpsrc port=10000 caps='application/x-rtp, media=(string)video, clock-rate=(int)90000, encoding-name=(string)H264, profile-level-id=(string)640028, sprop-parameter-sets=(string)\"J2QAKK2IDkOYIOEMKQpEByHMEHCGFIUiA5DmCDhDCkKQwEIYwhxmMhCGAhDGEOMxkIQwEIYwhxmMhCICEZjOI8KfEfiP4j8R8R4ziMREQoEIjEcR4j5PxH8n5PiPEcRkiLQCgC3I\\,KO48sA\\=\\=\", payload=(int)96, ssrc=(guint)3543977897, clock-base=(guint)3621356901, seqnum-base=(guint)9820' ! \
   rtph264depay ! \
   ffdec_h264 ! \
   ffmpegcolorspace ! \

RidgeRun digital camera based latency results

Post power-on commands

ifconfig eth0 # learn address to use to telnet to target hardware

Telnet to the target hardware and run top if you are interested in monitoring the ARM CPU load.