How to Create DSP Algorithm Package with RidgeRun SDK

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This document will be an easy way to create a new DSP algorithm based on TMS320 DSP processor. It will target these algorithms and assists the reader with making the algorithms compliant with the TMS320 DSP algorithm standard which is part of TI's eXpressDSP technology initiative. The document proposes a simple approach to running xDAIS (iUniversal) algorithms with a Codec Engine (CE) application based on TI's technology and RidgeRun SDK. The wizard selected is responsible for creating an xDAIS algorithm (iUniversal), and providing the necessary packaging to enable these algorithms to be consumed and configured by Codec Engine.

We assume readers have a basic understanding of the elements in a Codec Engine application, including VISA APIs, xDM, servers, and codecs.

Invoking the wizard from a DVSDK makefile

The GenCodecPkg wizard generates the files and packaging required for integrating an algorithm into Codec Engine. Assuming your using a RR SDK you have a complete integration with a TI DVSDK release, then you likely have already defined paths to all your tools in the Rules.make .

These generated Codec Packages can be integrated into a Server and the document will explain the way to append the new codec into TI's Codec Server

Inside the Makefile from the DVSDK: