How to flash the RidgeRun's u-boot in a new board

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The latest Stable Release of the RidgeRun SDK called 2011Q2 comes with a new installer system that give to the user a high flexibility and a huge variety of installation modes such as SD, NAND and JFFS2. However in order to achieve this features a new u-boot system must be placed in the board so it will support the features available.

Since a new board comes with the factory's default u-boot, it is necessary to flash the RidgeRun's u-boot in the board before continue using the SDK, but how can we install an image into the board using the RidgeRun's SDK if the board doesn't have the RidgeRun's u-boot installed?

Now we are going to explain how to flash the RidgeRun's SDK for the following boards:

  • LeopardBoard DM365
  • TI DM365 EVM
  • OMAP35x TOBI

Flashing the u-boot into a LeopardBoard DM365

In order to flash the RidgeRun's SDK into a LeopardBoard DM365 you need to follow the next steps:

1. Create or download a pre-built SD card image for LeopardBoard DM365.

You can create a SD card image following the steps listed in How to boot a board from a SD card or if you prefer you can download any of the pre-built SD card images available in LeopardBoard DM365 pre-built images. You need to be registered in order to get access into the link provided.

2. Once you have the image recorded into a SD card the next step is to boot the board from SD card as is also described in How to boot a board from a SD card.

3. When the board is booting, stop it in the u-boot's count down as is shown in the following image.

Flashing the u-boot into a TI DM365 EVM

Flashing the u-boot into a OMAP35x TOBI