How to use root NFS file system

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When you are developing applications, it is convenient to rebuild and deploy the application without having to update NAND flash or the SD card file system image. This can be done using a technology called NFS root file system.

Target refers to the hardware with the Soc. Host refers to the Linux desktop machine.

Set target IP address

You can either use DHCP or a fixed IP address. Run

make -C $DEVDIR config

and in the Generic SDK configuration menu select or unselect Use DHCP and set fixed IP address parameters as necessary.

NFS root configuration

You File System Configuration need to tell the SDK to build the kernel command line specifying the NFS root file system path. Run

make -C $DEVDIR config

and in the File System Configuration menu set the File system image target to NFS root file system.

Rebuild image

Now you can rebuild the target image and install to the target hardware.

make cmdline
make install