Mistral DM37x EVM SDK 2011Q2 Getting Started Guide

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This guide is oriented to help the new users to configure their Mistral DM37x EVM boards and work with the RidgeRun's SDK 2011Q2.


In order to install your Mistral DM37x SDK 2011Q2 you can follow the steps described in the installation section of the RidgeRun 2011Q2 SDK User Guide.

Using the board's features

This section shows how to use some of the basic features of the board using the RidgeRun's SDK 2011Q2.

Setting the booting mode

RideRun's SDK supports SD card and NAND boot either selected in hardware for each specific board. In the case of the Mistral DM37x EVM board the boot options are selected from the switch SW4 as is shown in the following image:

Figure 1. Switch 4 for boot mode selection.

Using the on-board LCD display

Using the DVI output

Using the Component video output