RidgeRun Auto exposure/Auto white balance library for DM368 and DM365

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Video capture quality can be enhance with image processing, like auto white balance(AWB) and auto exposure algorithms(AE):

  • Auto exposure performs automatic adjustments of the image brightness according to the amount of light that reaches the camera sensor.
  • Auto white balance automatically compensates color differences based on lighting so white actually appears white.

Some camera sensors don't include auto white balance and/or auto exposure processing, so RidgeRun offers a library with AE and AWB algorithms for the Leopard Board DM365 and the 5Mpixel camera.


Three applications are required to support the auto exposure and auto white-balance (AEW) adjustments:

  • Ipiped, a DBus server for controlling and configuring the camera sensor, the dm365 video processor and the aew library.
  • Librraew, a library that includes auto white balance and auto exposure algorithms.
  • Ipipe-client, an interactive console that can be used to invoke any of the methods supported by the Ipiped.

Overview of Ipiped

Overview of Ipipe-client

Overview of Librraew