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:[[Getting Started Guide for DM8168 EVM]]  
:[[Getting Started Guide for DM8168 EVM]]  
:[[SDK Turrialba for DM8168 EVM Board]]
:[[SDK 2011Q2 for DM8168 EVM Board]]  
:[[SDK 2011Q2 for DM8168 EVM Board]]  
:[[:Category:DM8168|More... ]]
:[[:Category:DM8168|More... ]]
[[Category:BoardDocumentation]] [[Category:DM8168]] [[Category:2011Q2]]
[[Category:BoardDocumentation]] [[Category:DM8168]] [[Category:2011Q2]]

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RidgeRun provides support for the DM8168 Evaluation Board from Spectrum Digital. This board is supported either with the Evaluation SDK or with the Professional SDK. You can download the evaluation SDK for the EVM from the RidgeRun download center. To purchase a professional SDK, please use our online store or contact us.

DM8168 EVM



The DM8168 Evaluation Module (EVM) enables developers to immediately start testing DM816x DaVinci™ MPU and begin building solutions such as surveillance DVRs, video conferencing systems, video broadcasting systems, media servers, single-board computers, gateways, routers, servers, industrial automation, medical devices, human machine interfaces (HMIs), point-of-service data terminals, machine vision, test and measurement, tracking and control applications, amongst others.

The DM8168 EVM support from RidgeRun includes our Linux kernel and file system fully integrated with logic to handle the latest EZSDK released by Texas Instruments as well as GStreamer + openMax support -- all these features included in a user friendly development environment which will allow you to focus in the development of your product.

Features Supported by the SDK

U-boot-2010.06 supported + env function support to read your environment from a *.txt file in a SD card + functions to handle tarballs from uboot useful during production stages.
Linux kernel 2.6.37
EZSDK integrated in a user friendly build system
GStreamer + OpenMax
Support H.264@1080p video encode/decode including RTSP streaming
SD, JFFS2, NFS and UBI filesystem support
Boot from SD card
BCH8 error correction code in hardware
Many open source applications available like: QT, net-snmp, GStreamer, Busybox, etc
Toolchain based on codesourcery 2009q1
Integrated support for the SGX graphics accelerator software in the build system
RidgeRun services for integration of graphic acceleration technology with open source software stacks

Articles related to this board

Getting Started Guide for DM8168 EVM
SDK Turrialba for DM8168 EVM Board
SDK 2011Q2 for DM8168 EVM Board