Using DVI Output on DM365Leopard

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One of the capabilities on what video displaying refers to, in dm365 leopard board, is to display by using a DVI format.

First of all, it is necessary to attach the LI-DVI1 module to the Parallel RGB (PRGB) port, which is numbered J7, so it is possible to have the right hardware configuration.

Figure 1. LI-DVI1 DVI output module for dm365 leopard.


DVI configuration is achieved after three basic steps, both at RidgeRung's SDK configuration menu.

1) Make sure that the dm365_generic_prgb_encoder is selected to be built. This can be checked at:

Kernel configuration -> Device Drivers -> Multimedia support -> Video capture adapters -> Generic PRGB Encoder support 
Figure 2. Generic PRGB Encoder enabling.

2) Set the video output and standard to work on PRGB and DEF-PRGB-STD respectively

Architecture configurations -> Video Output (PRGB)
Architecture configurations -> Video Default Resolution (DEF-PRGB-STD)    
Figure 3. Generic PRGB output and standard selection.

3) Set the standard configuration at kernel extra arguments.

Kernel configuration -> Extra kernel arguments   
Figure 4. Generic PRGB encoder data setup.

At this point it is important to notice that, for setting the standard, it is required to identify the module to which the information is going to, This is made by the instruction "dm365_generic_prgb_encoder.mode="

A couple examples of standards to be configured would be: