FACE DETECT (DM36X processor only)

DM36x part number ending with "F" (e.g DM368ZCEF) includes a face detection hardware module,

DM36x part number ending with "F" (e.g DM368ZCEF) includes a face detection hardware module, capable of detect multiples faces in a QVGA frame generated by the dm36x VPFE. RidgeRun offers a GStreamer face detect element that takes advantage of this hardware module in conjunction with the TI Linux face detect driver.

Face detect is capable of detecting faces with face inclination +/- 45°, face direction +/- 30° in a vertical direction and +/- 60° in horizontal direction, with a maximum detection count of 35 faces. Outputs for each face: size, angle, position and confidence level in asserting an area contains a face.


To simplify face detection on your application, you can use the RidgeRun GStreamer dm365facedetect element. The purpose of this element is to facilitate the interaction between capture buffers, face detection driver and user applications. dm365facedetect provides the following functionality:

  • Initialization: includes face detection driver open/close and memory allocation.

  • Configuration: handles driver configuration and scaling setup.

  • Execution: scales and copies each input buffer Y data to fit driver requirements, executes face detection algorithms and get resultant faces information.

  • Drawing: as an optional functionality, draws a square around each detected face.

This element emits a signal each time at least one face was detected. The data corresponding to faces size(width and height), angle, position (top-left point) and confidence level is sent with the signal. A confidence level threshold can be defined allowing automatic discarding of detected faces that do not meet the threshold.

An example utility is included that shows you how to get face locations into your application so you can count the number of faces in a picture, extract the faces from the picture, or whatever else you plan to do with the detected face location information.

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FACE DETECT (DM36X processor only) allows you to easily test the main features of the boards listed below. 

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