This product provides V4L2 drivers for GMSL Technologies.

This product provides V4L2 drivers for GMSL Technologies, using MAX96705 and MAX9286 serializer and deserializer chips from Maxim. It provides high bandwidth and rich point-to-point interconnections between two endpoints over a single cable.


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RidgeRun can also create GMSL drivers for any other SerDes combination based on customer needs and use case. Please note this product only includes the drivers for the SerDes. The camera sensor driver is sold separately.


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GMSL MAX96705/MAX9286 allows you to easily test the main features of the boards listed below. 

Platforms Supported

NVIDIA: Jetson TX1, TX2, Xavier

NXP: i.MX6, i.MX8

Xilinx: UltraScale+

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