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Mobile Media Framework

The RidgeRun Mobile Framework is an useful library intended to be used as an audio and video streaming framework for applications Android and iOS operating systems.  Our media framework is based on the GStreamer project therefore it inherits all the power of it with a custom and robust design, allowing an easy usage of audio and video features like streaming, recording, playback, and others.

Using our Mobile Media Framework provides you the following advantages:

  • Leverages the features of the GStreamer framework in a mobile application!

  • Hardware resources usage instead of Software algorithms: less power consumption and higher performance.

  • Real encapsulation and efficiency with the low-level C code.

  • Several stream and containers formats.

  • Improved portability to match your own ARM-based platform.

Mobile Media Framework Documentation can be found here

Get more complete information by visiting our updated product pages - Click Here

Mobile Media Framework -- IOS Demo

Mobile Media Framework -- Android Demo

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