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Netcam Application Framework

The world of video surveillance is moving toward the IP network. An IP Network Camera or, also known as an IP camera or network camera, or Netcam for short, can be defined as an embedded system with networking and video processing combined into one unit. A Netcam captures and transmits live images over the network, enabling remote viewing and user control from anywhere, anytime. Digital video transmission is fast becoming a standard feature in many classes of devices, from surveillance systems, to high end doorbells, and much more.


RidgeRun has extensive experience with embedded multimedia processing and providing full Linux solutions for embedded systems. After many years of developing custom embedded multimedia systems, this expertise made it possible for RidgeRun to develop our own IP Camera Pythona framework solution known as Netcam. The main Netcam goal is being a platform independent application for embedded multimedia systems that use SoCs with hardware accelerated video and audio processing capabilities, such as Freescale iMX6 and TI Davinci.


With this IP network python framework application, highly specific but yet commonly expected capabilities such as video recording, video streaming and others can be accessed without having to worry about the inner technical details of the GStreamer API, working through HTTP requests that links camera control operations with the client's web browser or other network server. Along with the GStreamer control application, a FastCGI-based web-server is used to support speed-critical environments while remaining standards-compliant, secure and flexible.

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