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Gstreamer pre-record element

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

Tired of trying to capture the right moment while recording? RidgeRun knows how important is the video content and we know some events happen only once in life. That is why we have introduced GStreamer Pre-record element. The pre-record element has been designed to pre-record both audio and video continuously on a FIFO. The FIFO time is configured and defines the amount of data you want to buffer, this way it will always keep the previous nth seconds before a recording event happens. Using pre-record with motion detection or other event activity sensor is a great way to see what happened right before an event occurs. For example, using pre-record in a car's video capture system along with an accelerometer allows the history right before an accident to be captured. Using pre-record with motion detection allows the changing scene to be included in the video allowing the sensitivity of the motion detection to be turned down and thus avoiding false MD triggers. Adding this feature to your produce with our pre-record element is as easy as just add a new element on your pipeline and that's it! For more information about the GStreamer Pre-record element visit: title=GStreamer_pre-record_element


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