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Tuning Jetson Xavier's Performance

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

The JetPack provides the tegrastats utility program which reports memory, processor and gpu usage, power consumption and temperature for Tegra-based devices.

The JetPack also provides with a command line tool called nvpmodelwhich can modify the performance for a given power budget. It provides power budgets for 10W, 15W, 30W and a no-budget mode for max performance. This will modify number of CPUs online, maximum frequency for CPU, GPU, DLA, PVA and number of online PVA cores. Values set by nvpmodel will persist across power cycles.

Finally the jetson_clocks.sh script provides the best performance for the current nvpmodel by setting the clock frequencies to the max frequency and disabling dynamic frequency scaling.

For examples on how to use this utilities please visit performance tuning wiki page.

If you are new to the Xavier or are planning on getting one please visit Jetson Xavier wiki page.

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