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V4L2 FPGA v0.1.0

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

FPGAs are a popular companion for today's System on Chip's. Their flexibility, high performance and low power consumption makes them ideal to fulfill today's market expectations at the cost of high integration complexity. RidgeRun is developing a single, standard V4L2 interface for FPGAs for a variety of vendors and modules. No matter your HW setup, the FPGA is exposed as a combination of capture and display devices. This allows out-of-the-box usage with OpenCV, GStreamer, Libav, browsers and any other standard software that communicates via V4L2 calls.

The V4L2-FPGA project is a set of boilerplate drivers and code-bases for easy IP core generation. Every accelerator generated using the framework will automatically expose a capture and/or display Linux device for easy application integration. Stop creating custom communication drivers and reduce time-to-market by focusing in what really matters.

Current v0.1.0 pre-release includes: - Supported platforms: - NVIDIA Jetson Xavier - NXP i.MX8 EVK - Supported FPGA modules - PicoEVB Xilinx Artix - Generic driver support: - V4L2 capture device - V4L2 display device - Out-of-the box examples: - 2D image convolution - Video pattern generator - HLS boilerplate for easy accelerator development - PCIe communication protocol

Learn more in our developer's wiki and our developer's manual:

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