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Virtual Channel ID Support for sensor OV10640 DS90UB953 - DS90UB960 FPD Link-III

Virtual Channel ID is a method that re maps multiple image signals into a single MIPI/CSI-2 connector. This feature is highly implemented in applications with multiple cameras such as video stitching or advanced driver-assistance systems.

FPD-Link III provides high bandwidth, high resolution and low latency communication link with embedded power, diagnostics and bidirectional control channel in a single coaxial cable. An FPD-Link III Hub with Virtual channel provides a flexible and robust solution for multimedia applications in the automotive industry.

The current FPD-Link VCID release supports:

- V4L2 media controller driver

- L4T 32.1 and Jetpack 4.2

- Supported FPD-Link version: 3

- Supported resolutions:

- 1280x1080@30fps

- Supported formats:

- Bayer BGGR 12 bits

- Capture via ISP through GstNvArgusCameraSrc

- Supported platforms:

- NVIDIA Jetson Xavier

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