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RidgeRun Support

Get quality support from the knowledgeable team of engineers at RidgeRun Embedded Solutions. Whether you need assistance with initial setup and integration, further development or optimization, troubleshooting advice, or ongoing maintenance - we’re here to help.

Work With the RidgeRun Engineering Support Team

Get the support you need to help your products get to market faster. Learn how to work with the RidgeRun engineering support team.



Learn more about RidgeRun Engineering Services or Contact Us to get started.

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Just getting started with RidgeRun? Purchase our initial support hours bundle. For ongoing support, contact us to set up an ongoing support contract to meet your needs.

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Product Training Videos

To get started with RidgeRun SDK, SDK Addon, and GStreamer, you may view the following training videos:




Using libGuvc with Nvidia Xavier

Get Support By SoC Vendor


NVIDIA Jetson Support

NVIDIA Jetson Latency Optimization

NVIDIA Jetson Multimedia APIs (VPI, CUDA, Isaac)

Linux camera driver for NVIDIA Jetson

CUDA algorithm development

Deepstream-based applications


Xilinx Ultrascale Support

Getting Started Guide for Xilinx Zynq Ultrascale+​

More on Xilinx Ultrascale+

More on Xilinx Zynq7000


NXP iMX6 iMX8 Support

RidgeRun Support on NXP iMX8 Processor

GStreamer i.MX8 plugins and Pipelines

RidgeRun Support on Freescale iMX6 Processor

iMX6 Demo Application

iMX6 Window Manager Demo

iMX6 QT-X11 Support


RidgeRun TI Support

TDA4VM Multimedia application development

RidgeRun & GStreamer Support


Open Source Projects

GStreamer Daemon




RidgeRun GStreamer Expertise

Why RidgeRun Loves GStreamer


Creating GStreamer C Code Applications in RidgeRun SDK​

Embedded GStreamer Performance Tuning


GStreamer Debugging


GStreamer and in-band metadata


Setting a GStreamer Alternative Environment



How to control GPIO signals from a Linux application (most popular)

Video capture comparison V4L2 versus OMX Camera

High performance SD card tuning using the EXT4 file system

Using multicast with Gstreamer

Debug and Profiling Guide

Creating recipes in Arago

Developing a Linux driver for a chip with I2C registers

How to Create DSP Algorithm Package with RidgeRun SDK

Don’t see the type of support you’re looking for? Contact Us directly.

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