DM36x TFP410 1080p Video decoding

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This wiki page contains test details for 1080p Video Decoding. Input to the LI-DVI1 add on card is the 1080p video file. RidgeRun offers a pre-built bootable SD card image you can use or you can configure your RidgeRun evaluation or professional SDK to build the image yourself.

Tested Pipelines

Disabling the framebuffer before running the Pipelines:
Please run below command on the board prompt to disable the framebuffer:

fbset -disable 

Display video test pattern

gst-launch -v videotestsrc ! video/x-raw-yuv,width=1920,height=1080 ! TIDmaiVideoSink videoStd=1080P_25 videoOutput=DVI accelFrameCopy=FALSE sync=false

Decode and play movie

gst-launch -e filesrc location=$FILE ! qtdemux ! queue ! dmaidec_h264 numOutputBufs=8 ! queue ! dmaiperf ! TIDmaiVideoSink accelFrameCopy=true videoOutput=DVI videoStd=1080P_25

You need to first store the movie file on the SD card or use an NFS mount if you prefer. We tested using the Big Buck Bunny movie.

Decode and display a picture


gst-launch filesrc location=$FILE ! dmaidec_jpeg ! freeze ! TIDmaiVideoSink videoOutput=DVI videoStd=1080P_25 

SDK Configurations for 1080p output through LI-DVI1

Architecture configurations ---> 
Video Output ---> PRGB
Maximum Video Output Buffer Size (1080I) --->
Maximum Video Input Buffer Size (1080P) --->
Proprietary Software ---->

Amount of reserved memory from the Kernel -> 0X4FCA000 Amount of reserved memory for cmemk -> 0X35CA000

Kernel configuration ->
Extra kernel arguments dm365_generic_prgb_encoder.mode=1920x1080MR-16@60