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I get asked all the time what hardware you need to buy to get started with a LeopoardBoard. Of course it depends on what you already have. This list assumes you have nothing but your trusty Linux desktop computer and a USB serial adapter.

To create this list, I referred to the Leopard Imaging website and the Getting Started Guide for Leopard Board DM365 and DM368. There are a variety of places to buy LeopardBoard hardware.

Hardware Schematics of leopard dm368 board : http://www.mouser.com/ds/2/233/eopard_board_368_ver1-122.pdf

Part Number Part Approximate
LeopardBoard 368
LeopardBoard 365

Processor, RAM, NAND, and I/Os.
Aptina 5 Mpixel MT9P031 sensor LI-5M03 $80 Capture live video.
Video HD component input board TVP7002 LI-HDI365 $70 Capture 1080i60 component video input.
LeopardBoard 365 Y/Pb/Pr Component Video Cable LI-VIC-02 $19 Viewing live video or playing back recorded video.
+5VDC Universal Power Supply for LeopardBoard LI-PS5-01 $15 I don't recommend trying to power the board over USB. If you start to draw too much current, everything acts flaky and it is hard to debug that it is due to power drop.
Serial Adapter Cable LI-SER-01 $13 Hard to believe, but in the 21st century you still use serial (for Linux console).
USB A to mini-USB B cable Not sold by LI $9 Your LeopardBoard can act as a USB device. This cable allows you to connect it to a host PC.

Other items you will want include Ethernet cable and SD card.

An easy way to verify the hardware is working correctly is to try out a RidgeRun pre-built bootable SD card demo image.