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RidgeRun Evaluation SDK (formerly named RidgeRun Free SDK), its a version of RidgeRun SDK intended for EVM and community boards. This SDK servers several proposes:

  • Allow quick evaluation of hardware capabilities of the EVM.
  • Allow persons to get familiar with RidgeRun SDK and evaluate if it fit their needs for commercial product development.
  • Support community board projects, by providing the community with an SDK to get started.
  • Support education efforts using community boards.

The evaluation SDK is not supported by RidgeRun, which means RidgeRun doesn't guarantee support, bug fixes or improvements. For a supported version take a look at our Professional SDK

The evaluation SDK is licensed under this terms. Still, the SDK is mainly composed of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) packages, so the license for those packages is governed the applicable FOSS license.

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