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'''Library RidgeRun Auto Exposure/White''' release 1.1.xx <http://ridgerun.com/>
'''RidgeRun auto-exposure/auto-white-balance library''' release 1.1.xx <http://ridgerun.com/>
'''(C) Copyright 2010 - RidgeRun Engineering'''
'''(C) Copyright 2010 - RidgeRun LLC'''

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This is a read-me file for LIBRRAEW library.

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RidgeRun auto-exposure/auto-white-balance library release 1.1.xx <http://ridgerun.com/>

(C) Copyright 2010 - RidgeRun LLC

Development License

Subject to the terms and conditions of RidgeRun's SDK license, RidgeRun hereby grants to customer a product - based, non - exclusive, non - transferable, non - sublicensable, limited, worldwide license to install and use, for internal purposes only, an unlimited number of copies of the source and object code versions.

Distribution License

Subject to the terms and conditions of RidgeRun's SDK license, RidgeRun hereby grants to customer a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, limited, worldwide license to distribute RidgeRun Software in object code format only (no source code) in one product model sold by the customer.


Complete documentation is at https://www.ridgerun.com/developer/wiki/index.php/RidgeRun_Auto_exposure/Auto_white_balance_library


This README only covers installation and building.

Installing the librraew source:

Install contents of the librraew tarball in a directory where you have write permissions and unpack it:

tar -xvvzf librraew-1.1.tar.gz

Directory Hierarchy:

- docs					Documentation directory.
- patches
   - correct-aew-calculations.patch	Patch to fix the calculation of 
                                        the buffer size for the statistics.
- src					Source files.
   - librraew.so.0.0.0			Dynamic library.
   - librraew.vapi			File that allows use librraew with Vala.
   - rraew.h				Header file.

Configuring the librraew:

In order to get the library properly working, you need to apply the patch of dm365 aew driver in the kernel GNU/Linux-2.6.32. The patch correct-aew-calculations.patch is in the patches directory and this patch is going to fix the calculation of the buffer size for the statistics.

Compiling the librraew:

After to apply the patch correct-aew-calculations.patch, you need to compile and install the kernel on dm36x platform.

For use the functions of the librraew library, you need to include the header file (rraew.h) in the source file of the applicaction. Besides, you need to link applcaction with the dynamic library (librraew.so.0.0.0).

Application example:

Image Pipe Daemon (ipiped), is a daemon exposing a D-Bus interface allowing control and interaction with the image processing functionality provided by the camera subsystem hardware on Texas Instruments SoC processors and supports interaction with the camera sensor settings.

This API was initially developed for the DM365 platform and the Aptina MT9P031 CMOS image sensor. Support for other sensors was added later, thus validating the ipiped design. ipiped was designed to be modular and easily adapted to interact with other camera subsystems architectures and camera image sensors.

ipiped also supports running implementations of algorithms running with support from the ipipe hardware (like autoexposure/autowhite balance algorithms).

More information


Copy it with the following command:

git clone git@github.com:RidgeRun/ipiped.git

or download on:


If something goes wrong:

Write us at: