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What are the advantages of RidgeRun SDK?

RidgeRun Linux Software Developers Kit (SDK) is a platform for developers, designed by developers. We design it based in our experiences through more than 6 years of software development for different hardware platforms (focused on TI SoC), customers profiles, and product requirements. The RidgeRun SDK is designed to simplify and automate every-day activities performed by embedded Linux engineers, accounting different scenarios like file system customization, custom application integration, and manufacturing support.

The RidgeRun SDK is a flexible and supported software platform. Customers purchasing RidgeRun SDK can get world-class support directly from the engineers who design it. RidgeRun engineering services can help you customize the SDK for your final hardware platform and provide all the adjustments and technology integration required to create your embedded product.

The RidgeRun SDK integrates the same technology that is used in TI's Linux offering, so you won't lack any of the features shipped with the EVMs. RidgeRun technology further simplifies working with complex software stacks and automating the cross compilation task while dealing with different TI technologies like DVSDKs, Graphic SDKs, DMAI, CodeGen tools, and DSP BIOS.

How does Ridgerun SDK compares to Texas Instruments Linux offering?

TI provides tarballs with some of their platforms (at the time of this writing, mostly for OMAP platforms). These tarballs are basically a set of pre-built binaries and source code along with instructions on how to reproduce the code image that is pre-burned into the EVM. That's it. If you want to customize, port, develop on top of that you are by your own, and the packages weren't designed thinking on anything beyond the basic demonstration of the hardware capabilities.

Compare this to the advantages of RidgeRun SDK.

How does RidgeRun SDK compares to MontaVista for Davinci platforms?

Several Davinci-family EVMs ship with a demonstration version of MontaVista Linux. You will need to buy developer licenses per developer per year (according to last time we checked) from MontaVista to develop using their solution.

RidgeRun SDK is more affordable than MontaVista solutions due our licensing terms and pricing. Our supported SDK is licensed per product - you buy just one SDK for each product you are developing, no matter how many engineers are working of the effort. Contact us for more information.

If you have already used MV technology, you can compare it to the advantages of RidgeRun SDK.

What are the license terms for the evaluation SDK?

You can see the license for the evaluation SDK here. To be clear, the SDK is mainly composed of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) packages, so the license for those packages is governed the applicable FOSS license.

What are the main differences between the Professional and the evaluation SDK?

  • The evaluation SDK is unsupported and typically lags behind the professional SDK in terms of features, defect fixes, and performance tuning.
  • The evaluation SDK is licensed to a particular EVM or community board. It can be used only with the specific hardware it was licensed for and for non-commercial products.
  • Most evaluation SDKs will lack features from the professional SDK, like support for profiling or other development tools, and lack of integration with other open source technologies like graphic software stacks, or multimedia frameworks.

What's RidgeRun relation with the Arago Project?

RidgeRun is a founder member of the [Arago Project]. We have Arago expertise and collaborate regularly with TI engineers to improve it. Arago/OE is also a base technology for our next generation SDK (currently in development stages).

If you need support with Arago, read the next question.

Does RidgeRun provides support for platforms other than their SDKs?

Yes, we do!

RidgeRun is a strong supported of open source solutions and we love our SDK because it makes our lives easier. But if you think you have a better life using something else and want to get access to the knowledge of our experienced engineers, we can support you.

RidgeRun offers engineering services for OpenEmbedded or Arago environments, and also with standard TI SDKs shipped with some boards.

Contact us for more information.