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Yocto Package Integration

RidgeRun Turrialba release now supports Yocto package integration.  RidgeRun's Professional SDK now supports the integration of Yocto packages into the the RidgeRun file system.  RidgeRun will manage the build of these packages on behalf of our customers.  RidgeRun is also about to release customer driven Yocto package integration as well.  These features will dramatically increase

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Video Segmenter

The Gstreamer Video Segmenter - GstVS is an extension of the conventional GstQTMux that allows splitting recordings into multiple files constrained by a size and/or a duration. These recordings can be audio, video or audio+video and in any case every segmented file can be viewed independently. If the recording contains an encoded video stream, then it is guaranteed that the file will start with a

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Turrialba Pre-release

RidgeRun is proud to announce the upcoming stable version of our Linux software development kit (SDK): Turrialba.

In our most recent R&D effort, we have enhanced our professional SDK with new features that will support even faster and more reliable embedded software development based on Linux.

Faster - We've added support to use ccache (http://ccache.samba.org/) to speed up recompilations,

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The RTSP Sink is a Gstreamer sink element which permits high performance streaming to multiple computers using the RTSP protocol. This element leverages previous logic from RidgeRun's RTSP server but providing the benefits of a Gstreamer sink element like great flexibility to integrate into applications and easy gst-launch based testing.

With RTSP Sink, multiple streams can be achieved simultaneously

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DM8168 Dual Capture

Ridgerun modified the V4L2 capture driver to support a dual 1080p@30fps capture solution on both platforms, DM8168-Z3 board and DM8168 evaluation board (EVM) where additional modifications were made to pass the video signals to the VIP1 on the SoC.

Furthermore, in order to take advantage of this and all the powerful features of a multimedia framework as gstreamer, Ridgerun customized the gst-openMax

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