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New RidgeRun SDK for LeopardBoard DM365/DM368

RidgeRun is proud of announce the release of our new Evaluation and Professional SDK 2011Q2 for DM365/DM368 Leopardboard, available immediately. RidgeRun's Evaluation SDK  for DM365 is available for download at RidgeRun's website and runs on both DM365 and DM368 processors. DM368 SDK is available under professional version, but non-commercial versions can be provided under request. RidgeRun also will be releasing SD card images over the next several weeks with demo configurations to showcase different SDK capabilities. See the Release Notes and the Getting Started Guide

What’s new?

  • Update to latest PSP kernel from TI (2.6.32)
  • Uses CodeSourcery’s toolchain 2009q1
  • Support for TI’s DVSDK 4 for DM365/8 and h264 platinum codecs.
    • CMEM uses heap allocation (no more pool configuration problems)
    • Get rid of loadmodule scripts, codecs are setup once you booted.
  • NAND support for DM365 using JFFS2 fs!
  • Based on RidgeRun latest SDK technology:
    • Support for booting from SD cards, and SD card creation using the SDK.
    • Makes the SDK smaller to download and simplifies the build process to reduce cross-compilation issues.
    • Support for IPv6.
    • Improved installer system.
  • Inclusion of evaluation version of RidgeRun auto-exposure / auto-white-balance library
  • RTSP library for streaming media support
  • Fixed previous bugs with Aptina 5MP sensor driver
  • Support for latest Ubuntu releases in either 32-bit or 64-bit architectures.

Support Information

Evaluation SDK doesn't include support services, but RidgeRun offers developers documentation with guides for installing and configuring the Evaluation SDK. As many other open source projects there are web pages with forums of other people working in all kinds of projects with Ridgerun's SDK. We encourage users to use this forum, post questions, and provide answers for others in the community.

Features available in the professional version:

  • License for commercial use (eval version can be used only for evaluation, personal, educational or non-commercial proposes)
  • Direct support from RidgeRun Engineers (support hours are bundled with your professional SDK purchase).
  • Support for manufacturing firmware deployment procedures (creation of SD card installers, and support for bulk NAND programmers)
  • UBIFS support for NAND (several orders of magnitude performance improvements over JFFS2).
  • Improved support for 5 MP sensor (different framerates and resolutions)

Other related products for DM365:

  • RidgeRun auto-exposure / auto-white-balance library using DM365 hardware acceleration is available for licensing immediately. Integration with GStreamer or as standalone C library.
  • DM365 HTTP Live and on Demand Streaming (Apple’s HLS) for streaming to iOS devices or Android 3.x and up is available for licensing immediately.
  • DM365 hardware accelerated video-stabilization is in the works. Contact us for more information.
  • RidgeRun IP Network Camera Reference Design for RTSP and HLS streaming with IPv6 support is in the works. Contact us for more information and availability.
  • RidgeRun UVC (USB Video Class) Reference Design is in the works. Contact us for more information and availability.

RidgeRun can provide bootable SD cards with demos for most of the new products. Contact us if you are interested.

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In addition to providing integrated and tested Linux board support packages, RidgeRun also offers an array of engineering services. 

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