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Video Stabilization for DM36x with GStreamer

DM36x Image processor includes hardware for video stabilization, and TI provides a library for using it on the reference platforms they design (but not in a very generic way to be re-used outside them, since requires low-level access to the hardware and doesn't integrates well with the kernel). So being RidgeRun the GStreamer fans we are, we decided to enable support for it from GStreamer :) The way to do this is that we are collecting the data output from the hardware video stabilization and "attach" it to the video frames coming out of the v4l2 interface (so we are actually providing back buffers with a bit more data that just the image). Then we added a gstreamer element dm365_vs to replace the dmaiacccel. This element picks up the stabilization data attached to the video buffer and calls TI's vs algorithm and adding the cropping information back into to the buffer so we can stabilize the video on the encoder or display! Results: pretty impressive stabilization, check out the video in our youtube channel. Contact us if you want to use this in your next DM36x project using GStreamer.

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