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DM368 dual resizer dual encoder GStreamer elements

The DM365 / DM368 has a unique hardware resizer. The resizer can accepts a single video frame and performs two independent color space conversions and resizing operations at the same time. The resizer is part of the Image pipe (IPIPE) in the Video Processing Subsystem (VPSS) in the Video Processing Front End (VPFE) and the documentation for the resizer is contained in the VPFE documentation (sprufg8b).

RidgeRun has created a dual resizer GStreamer element that operates like a tee element, but allows the outputs of the element to be in a different color space and have a different sizes. An example use of the dual resizer is to generate a scaled image that can be displayed on an LCD attached to the DM36x while the full resolution image can be converted to NV12 so it can be encoded and saved to a file.

In addition, RidgeRun has also created a dual encoder GStreamer element for the hardware accelerated H.264 encoder. The time consuming H.264 encode operation is calculating the motion vectors. Since we are encoding the same video stream, the motion vectors are the same for both resolutions of the two streams being encoded. The dual encoder GStreamer element calculates the motion vectors once and uses it for both encodings. This allow solutions where a high resolution H.264 encoded stream is saved to a file while a lower resolution version of the same video can be streamed over the network.

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