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Face Detect (DM36x processor only)

GStreamer face detect element for the DM368 DM365 processors.
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DM36x with part number ending in "F" (e.g DM368ZCEF) includes a face detection hardware module. GStreamer face detect element for the DM368 DM365 processors. Hardware based face detection in the DM368 DM365 processors is easy to use when enabled with the RidgeRun GStreamer face detect element. You simply put the dm365facedetect element in your GStreamer pipeline, specify if you want frames drawn around the detected faces to easily verify fact detect is working as expected. An example utility shows how you can get face locations into your application so you can count the number of faces in a picture, extract the faces from the picture, or what ever else you plan to do with the detected face location information. If you don't need GStreamer and rather talk to the face detect driver directly, that is possible as well. There are a few ioctl() calls you configure the driver, then get back the face location data.