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Embedded Engineering Services

RidgeRun helps clients build, integrate, optimize, and maintain embedded software solutions to solve the unique challenges facing their specific industries and sectors. Our team has been supporting customers with their software product development needs for more than a decade. 

Engineering Support Services

The RidgeRun engineering team is involved in all aspects of the product development cycle, including:

Supported SoC Vendors

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• Creation of GStreamer plugins to make use of API’s provided by SoC vendors to get access to hardware accelerators, including encoders, decoders, DSPs, GPUs, FPGA, etc.
• GStreamer development in case of media applications and design of modular solutions to capture, encode and stream video
• Pipeline tuning to improve processor usage, framerate, latency, amongst others 
• Design and implementation of media servers supporting snapshots, recording, streaming, metadata and other media features for both embedded and general processors

Development Environment, Integration & Upgrades


• Setup of the development environment (SDK) and integration of applications
• BSP (board support package) upgrade
• Firmware upgrade applications

Embedded Application Development


• Proof of concepts in multiple evaluation boards
• Hardware bring up of custom board designs
• Development of Graphic User Interfaces (GUI)
• Computer Vision and AI training and inference
• Development and optimization of Linux drivers: V4L2 drivers for camera sensors, MIPI CSI bridges, MIPI DSI displays, audio codecs, wifi chips, Ethernet PHY chips, GPIO/i2c expanders, etc.
• Support for remote control of the embedded system through smart devices including tablets, phones, and PCs
• CUDA algorithms​

• ROS / ROS2 development

Linux Driver & Application Optimization


• Optimization of existing Linux Drivers
• Optimization and development of algorithms executed in coprocessors like GPUs, DSPs, FPGA, etc.
• Boot time optimization
• General embedded Linux application development services

Flexible Engineering Service Models

Our engineering support team has the knowledge and expertise necessary to help you bring your software products to market faster. Contact us to work with RidgeRun Embedded Solutions and get started today.

Working with RidgeRun: Initial Consultation

Before choosing the appropriate service model, RidgeRun will set up an initial consultation to discuss your needs. At that time, we’ll determine the best model for obtaining engineering services moving forward.

Contact us today to get started.

Hourly Engineering Contracts

For single project efforts, RidgeRun offers Professional Support Hours. With this model, our engineers work on your project as an extension of your engineering team. You provide the requirements, you control the task list, and you set the priorities; all of which you can change at any time.

*Note that our minimum initial support hour requirements begin at 41 hours for new customers 


Dedicated Engineering Services Team

For long-term multi-project efforts or long-term support, RidgeRun offers dedicated engineering services. With this model, RidgeRun works with you to staff full-time embedded engineers who are dedicated to your business, and you are responsible for overall project management.



Platform Partnerships

Are you a board designer or SoC producer who desires a Linux SDK, GStreamer and support services for your hardware? RidgeRun has flexible working arrangements with several partners using a collaborative model. Contact us to discuss this option with our business management team.


RidgeRun R&D Department

Work with RidgeRun

The RidgeRun R&D department releases new products and software updates with new features each quarter. The products we develop are based on customer needs demands. You can ensure timely notification of software updates and new products by subscribing to our newsletter. 

Our engineering support team has the knowledge and expertise necessary to help you bring your software products to market faster. Contact us to work with RidgeRun Embedded Solutions and get started today.

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