RidgeRun is proud to support NVIDIA’s Jetson platforms, which enable high compute capabilities, thanks to their powerful GPUs and hardware acceleration units, on a small device. These platforms are ideal for autonomous machines, smart devices, video-based artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, drones, 
multi-camera systems and much more.

NVIDIA is a worldwide leading company in terms of technological development in various areas that include:

NVIDIA is well-known for providing powerful hardware platforms and diverse software tools for each of the areas where it is involved. Their team provides excellent customer support service in regards to their hardware and software products, which is enhanced with the cooperation of a highly active developers' community.

For the embedded systems area, NVIDIA offers the Jetson family platforms with GPU-accelerated parallel processing, the world’s leading embedded AI computing platform. The Jetson portfolio of devices delivers more performance and features for autonomous machines and other edge AI devices than any other platform available in the market.



Supported NVIDIA Platforms: Jetson

The NVIDIA Jetson platforms contain a set of features that make them suitable for applications like inference on the edge for deep learning and artificial intelligence (AI) applications. The NVIDIA Jetson platform is ideal for applications where the analysis and decision making needs to be done on-site, as well as multimedia applications based in frameworks like GStreamer where capturing and encoding several camera streams is a must.

The NVIDIA Jetson family is characterized by high performance, low power, small size and powerful computational capabilities devices for embedded systems. Their powerful GPU, CPU, video convert/encode/decode hardware accelerated units (capable of handling 4K resolution video), multi-camera interface, Deep-Learning hardware accelerated units, and more make this device the best system for embedded learning, computer vision, graphics, and GPU computing. 

NVIDIA Jetson Ideal Applications

The Jetson platforms enable the design and development of (but not limited to) the following applications:

•     Autonomous Machines
•     Computer vision
•     Artificial Intelligence
•     Self-driving cars
•     Medical Imaging
•     Robotics
•     Augmented Reality (AR)
•     Industrial IoT
•     Surveillance
•     Smart devices

NVIDIA Jetson Software Tools

NVIDIA offers the following software tools for its Jetson family devices: 

Jetpack SDK: Bundles Jetson platform software including TensorRT, cuDNN,
CUDA Toolkit, VisionWorks, GStreamer, and OpenCV, all built on top of L4T 
with LTS Linux kernel.

L4T:  Provides the Linux kernel, bootloader, NVIDIA drivers, flashing
utilities, sample filesystem, and more for the Jetson platform.

DeepStream SDK: A collection of APIs and libraries to help developers build 
and deploy robust intelligent video analytics (IVA) solutions on the Jetson 
platform. it enables building complex applications including image capture, 
encode, decode, inference using TensorRT, and much more.

Isaac SDK: A collection of libraries, drivers, APIs, and other tools that 
makes easy to add AI into next-generation robots for perception, navigation,
and manipulation. It facilitates to create and deploy AI-powered robotics.

Products using the NVIDIA Jetson modules - with their 4K60 high-resolution video transform/encode/decode HW accelerated capabilities, their Artificial Intelligence on the edge features and their powerful GPUs - require a highly tuned software stack for maximum performance.  Profile your video throughput now.

NVIDIA Jetson Applications

Development Tool: GstDaemon

GStreamer Daemon is gst-launch on steroids created by RidgeRun where you can create a GStreamer pipeline, play, pause, change speed, skip around, and even change element parameter settings all while the pipeline is active. Also called gstd, GStreamer Daemon allows Jetson developers controlling audio and video pipelines using TCP connection messages through the library provided or the example client application.

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Development Tool: GstShark

GstShark is an open-source project from Ridgerun that provides benchmarks and profiling tools for GStreamer. It includes tracers for generating debug information plus some tools to analyze it. GstShark provides easy to use and useful tracers to Jetson developers, paired with analysis tools to enable straightforward optimizations. The project leverages GStreamer's tracing hooks and standard tracing and plotting tools to simplify the process of understanding the bottlenecks in your pipeline.

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NVIDIA Computer Vision

NVIDIA’s Jetson family platforms are world-class for computer vision and embedded learning due to their powerful computational capabilities for embedded systems, deep-learning hardware accelerated units and GPU-accelerated parallel processing. Using NVIDIA Jetson is ideal for companies and development teams working toward developing their own computer vision, AI and Industrial IoT platforms. RidgeRun can help enable your NVIDIA computer vision application development, contact us to get started today.

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NVIDIA Plugins & Drivers

Deep Learning Plugin for GStreamer: GstInference

GstInterference is a new RidgeRun project to help standardize moving image/video data into deep learning systems. RidgeRun's GstInference is a GStreamer plugin which standardized the way video is integrated into deep learning systems. With dozens of deep learning / neural network platforms to choose from, RidgeRun is creating a standard method to integrate video into these systems in an open source project. GstInference will make your code more portable across deep learning platforms and also simplify product developers access to the benefits of AI.

Custom Linux Drivers: Jetson VL42 Video Capture Drivers

V4L2 is the official Linux Kernel API to handle capture devices like camera sensors, video decoders or FPGAs feeding video frames to the Jetson platforms. RidgeRun has more than 12 years of experience creating custom Linux V4L2 drivers for embedded systems. The customer selects the hardware sensor or chip and RidgeRun creates the V4L2 driver for it. RidgeRun drivers can be used with V4L2 compliant frameworks like GStreamer. 

GStreamer CUDA Plug-in: GstCUDA

GstCUDA is a GStreamer plug-in and framework developed by RidgeRun to enable easy integration of CUDA algorithms into GStreamer pipelines on Jetson platforms. GstCUDA allows users to easily develop custom GStreamer elements that execute any CUDA algorithm without concerns of memory copies. 

Unlike other solutions, the GstCUDA framework includes the source code and it abstracts the complexity of both CUDA and GStreamer so you can focus on your algorithm. Also, it provides out of the box quick prototyping elements, that dynamically loads an external CUDA algorithm library, to speed up the development process and reduce time to market of your products

GStreamer WebRTC Plug-in: GstWebRTC

GstWebRTC is a GStreamer plug-in developed by RidgeRun to convert GStreamer pipelines into WebRTC compliant endpoints. It allows audio and/or video streaming between Jetson platforms and PCs using the WebRTC protocol. GstWebRTC supports data, audio and video channels out of the box. 

Synchronized Camera Control in NVIDIA Jetson: SyncSnap

RidgeRun created SyncSnap to allow synchronized snapshots to be taken between cameras connected to the same Jetson platform. Syncsnap uses a client-server model design approach. The application consists of three basic components: syncsnapd daemon, libsyncsnap and the syncsnap example client to speed up your time to market.

GStreamer QT Plug-in: GstQtOverlay

GstQtOverlay is a GStreamer plugin that renders QT graphics on top of a video stream. This rendering occurs directly into the GStreamer video frame buffer, rather than in physical graphics memory, with the resultant video having the QT graphics image merged into the video. With the RidgeRun GstQtOverlay element, GUIs will be available not only at the video display but also embedded in file recordings and network streaming, for example.

GStreamer Pan - Tilt - Zoom Plug-in: GstPTZR

GstPTZR is a GStreamer plug-in that emulates a PTZR (Pan, Tilt, Zoom and Rotate) camera using digital image transformations. They represent physical degrees of freedom in which the camera may rotate in order to capture different parts of the scene. GStreamer GstPTZR uses OpenGL HW accelerated transformations to enable real-time performance on resource-constrained embedded systems.


NVIDIA Software Development Kits & Tools

Software Development Kits: Jetson SDKs

RidgeRun provides a fully featured Embedded Linux Software Development Kit (SDK) for NVIDIA Jetson modules. The RidgeRun SDK enables developers to immediately start evaluation with the module's 8-core, ARM® Processors and the 256 core GPU. You can capture, stream and display high-end 4K video in h.265 or h.264 format. Let RidgeRun show you how to maximize the streaming media capabilities using the rocket fast NVIDIA Jetson platform.

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