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Coral from Google

RidgeRun is proud to be part of the Coral partnership program. We aim to support Coral users through our AI services, delivering fast, efficient and private inference capabilities. RidgeRun provides the R2Inference and GstInference frameworks to help users with the design, fast prototyping, implementation, and deployment of their AI Models accelerated by the Coral platform.

About Coral

Coral is an AI Inference platform created by Google Research to deliver privacy-preserving AI capabilities into users' products. With a variety of products based on the Coral, Google focuses on providing flexible prototyping, scaling, and deployment of AI applications.

GstInference with Coral

Deep Learning Plugin for GStreamer: GstInference

RidgeRun's GstInference is a GStreamer plugin which standardized the way video is integrated into deep learning systems. With dozens of deep learning / neural network platforms to choose from, RidgeRun is creating a standard method to integrate video into these systems in an open source project. GstInference will make your code more portable across deep learning platforms and also simplify product developers access to the benefits of AI.

gstinference product screenshot of dog and bike

GstInference with Coral: Why?

By using GstInference as the interface between Coral board and GStreamer, users can:

  • Easily prototype GStreamer pipelines with common GStreamer tools such as gst-launch and GStreamer Daemon.

  • Easily test and benchmark TensorFlow Lite models using GStreamer with Coral board.

  • Enable a world of possibilities to use Coral board with video feeds from cameras, video files and network streams, and process the prediction information (detection, classification, estimation, segmentation) to monitor events and trigger actions.

  • Develop intelligent media servers with recording, streaming, capture, playback and display features.

  • Abstract GStreamer complexity in terms of buffers and events handling.

  • Abstract TensorFlow Lite complexity and configuration.

  • Make use of GstInference helper elements and API to visualize and easily extract readable prediction information.

What does RidgeRun offer?

GstInference is an open-source project created and fully maintained by RidgeRun. By integrating GstInference as one of the main interfaces to use the Coral board, customers can:

  • Take advantage of the on-going support provided by RidgeRun engineers and other GStreamer community experts, including benefits from new features, bug fixes, and integration of new networks or models.

  • Get access to pipelines, examples, and demos using Coral board potential and GStreamer capabilities.

  • Get access to benchmarking information showing Coral’s performance using GStreamer.

  • Contact RidgeRun for professional services in case of custom features need to be added, or help is needed to integrate the GStreamer pipeline in a full-fledged GStreamer application ready for production systems.

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