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To begin working with the RidgeRun team, we utilize the following process


Contact RidgeRun

Provide the details of your project to see how RidgeRun can help you with your project.



Customer will provide NDA if needed


Statement of Work

Once you and RidgeRun have verified that the project is a good match, the customer will provide a Statement of Work or similar documentation


Task List

RidgeRun then creates task list and provides rough estimate for it. The customer will then have a call with RidgeRun engineers to explain each of the tasks. The effort to complete the task list is Time and Materials (T&M)



You can get our minimum PO directly from our Products & Downloads page. 

For new customers, you need to pre-purchase the professional support hours. Once we have established a working relationship, RidgeRun bills at the end of each month for the services provided



Once the PO is set up, you can send hardware to the RidgeRun R&D Lab, if needed. RidgeRun has access to several EVM boards that could be used for your project. Hardware is sent back once RidgeRun is done with the project.


Weekly Call & Start Date

Next, we will schedule a weekly call and start date. During the weekly call the customer will be informed about partial deliveries to verify that the work that RidgeRun is doing is accurate and meet their needs


Ongoing Service

At the end of the month, a report generated by our hour tracking system is provided. You will be notified when your project reaches 95% of the approved budget, at which point you may decide how to proceed according to the existing task list

Engineering Support Hours Note: Engineering Support Hours not used 6 months after the first support is provided will expire

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