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Texas Instruments

RidgeRun is proud to have supported Texas Instruments processors for several years. RidgeRun has a long history supporting Linux on Texas Instruments SoCs with ARM+DSP configurations and now with AI accelerators.

We are streaming media experts on TI parts.

Texas Instruments’ edge AI processing solutions feature scalable performance, energy efficient computing, hardware agnostic software, and free development tools for camera, machine vision, robotics and automotive embedded systems. Learn more at

Supported Texas Instruments Processors


Bring smart cameras, robots and intelligent machines to life with the TDA4VM processor starter kit. With a fast setup process and an assortment of foundational demos and tutorials, you can start prototyping a vision-based application in less than an hour. The kit enables 8 TOPS of deep learning performance and hardware-accelerated edge AI processing without any hand-tooling. You can unleash high-speed AI in your embedded application only using Linux and industry standard APIs (TensorFlow Lite, ONNX Runtime, TVM, GStreamer, Docker, ROS, OpenGL ES).

  • Performance: TDA4VM processor enables 8 TOPS deep learning performance and hardware-accelerated edge AI at low power

  • Camera interfaces: two CSI-2 ports compatibe with Raspberry Pi and a high-speed 40-pin Semtec camera connector connecting up to 8 cameras (requires TIDA-01413 sensor fusion add-on card)

  • Connectivity: 3 USB 3.0 Type A ports, 1 USB 3.0 Type C ports, 1 ethernet port, 1 M.2 Key E connector and 1 M.2 Key M connector, 4 CAN-FD interfaces, 4 UART terminals over 1 USB bridge

  • Memory: DRAM, LPDDR4-4266, 4 gigabytes total memory, support for inline ECC

  • Display: DisplayPort with up to 4K resolution with MST support and 1080 HDMI


Supported Texas Instruments Software

TI enables an interplay of multiple Open Source components such as GStreamer, OpenCV and Deep-learning runtimes such as TFLite, ONNX and Neo-AI DLR. Edge AI devkit supports edit-build-debug cycles directly on target without needing a PC to cross-compile and build the applications.


TI provides perception-based examples such as image classification, object detection, and semantic segmentation in both Python and C++ variants.


RidgeRun Services for SK-TDA4VM

GStreamer development

RidgeRun offers SK-TDA4VM users GStreamer support of all kind:

  • Custom GStreamer plugin development.

  • Custom GStreamer applications design, development, and deployment.

  • GStreamer optimization and troubleshooting.

  • Hardware-accelerated GStreamer solutions.

  • GStreamer open source projects like:


AI applications development

Screen Shot 2021-04-12 at 17.46.14.png

RidgeRun offers engineering services for the development of video-based AI applications powered by the Texas Instruments processors' powerful AI capabilities.

Are you looking for a custom AI application and don't know how to start?

Contact RidgeRun to get the guidance, support, knowledge, and more than 15 years of experience in the development of embedded applications at your service.

RidgeRun has experience creating AI applications in fields like:​​

  • Smart Cities

  • Machine Vision

  • Drones

  • Autonomous machines​​

  • Smart Agriculture

  • Medical devices

  • Robotics

  • Smart security

Custom Linux drivers development

RidgeRun offers TI users engineering services to create custom Linux and RTOS drivers for a custom hardware ecosystem. RidgeRun has experience developing drivers like:


  • V4L2 Linux camera drivers

  • Imaging camera drivers for Jacinto7

  • I2C/SPI/CAN/GPIO drivers

  • I2S audio drivers

  • UVC drivers

  • And many more ...


Ready to work with RidgeRun? Find out more about our 

Engineering Services.

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