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Streaming support for video and metadata in GStreamer


GstSEIMetadata allows you to insert data into an H264/H265 encoded video frame which then can be recorded or streamed without losing the injected information. This data can then be easily extracted from the recorded or streamed video and used in any way.

As video data is moving through a GStreamer pipeline, it can be convenient to add information related to a specific frame of video, such as the GPS location, in a manner that receivers who understand how to extract metadata can access the GPS location data in a way that keeps it associated with the correct video data. In a similar fashion, if a receiver doesn't understand the metadata, the inclusion of such data will not affect the receiver.

GstSEIMeta is a set of GStreamer elements that allows you to easily inject and extract metadata into and from H264/H265 encoded video frames.

Additional to the metadata support, this product includes 11 hours of Engineering Services to be used in General Support related tasks.

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GstSEIMetadata allows you to easily test the main features of the boards listed below. 

Platforms Supported

Nvidia: Jetson TX1, TX2, Nano, Xavier, Orin

NXP: i.MX6, i.MX8

Xilinx: Zynq Ultrascale+

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