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Image Stitching for NVIDIA Jetson

Image Stitching for NVIDIA Jetson is a RidgeRun product which implements the stitcher algorithm along with other utilities to improve the final result. Not only it transforms the input images to place them side by side, but processes the border between these to make a seamless transition to the human eye. Image Stitching leverages the GPU to offer real-time performances of up to 4K at 30fps for three image stitching.

The stitcher includes a GStreamer element so you can integrate it into your pipeline and existing media server.


This project requires GstCUDA. The prices shown in this page already include GstCUDA.


Learn more in our developer's wiki.

Platforms Supported

Jetson Xavier

Jetson Nano

Jetson Orin

Jetson TX2

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