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Expert Embedded Solutions and Engineering Services

Your Trusted Partner for Embedded Linux Software Development

RidgeRun is an unparalleled engineering team for embedded Linux software development, solutions for the leading systems-on-chip vendors and frameworks, such as NVIDIA.


We offer unmatched engineering services to reduce your time-to-market and ensure your success in today’s highly competitive tech marketplace.


Committed to pushing the boundaries of today’s technology with deep learning and computer vision products, we specialize in GStreamer, Yocto, FGPA, CUDA, and more to build and enhance your next project. Test our products out today: request a free demo of any RidgeRun product.

Cutting-Edge Products & Downloads

Shop our entire portfolio of products and downloads that transform your project concepts into signature products for the industries you serve.


Evaluation Software


GPU Based Solutions

Video Analytics and AI

Supported SoC & Platforms for Embedded Solutions


RidgeRun provides embedded software engineering services that support the following SoC Vendors and platforms:


Jetson Nano

Jetson Xavier NX

Jetson Orin NX

Jetson TX2

Jetson AGX Xavier

Jetson AGX Orin


Xilinx UltraScale+




Texas Instruments


Coral from Google




RidgeRun Partnerships

Our embedded software solutions team partners with the following global technology companies to develop enduring, successful products for our clients.


Engineering & Development Resources

Whether you’re looking for initial product support, custom development services, or ongoing maintenance, our embedded Linux solutions team is here to help.

Engineering Support

RidgeRun offers three service models to support your engineering team.

Developer Knowledge Base

Our developer wiki provides information on open source products, troubleshooting, education, and more.

Licensing Information

Get additional information regarding product and download licensing and view our licensing documentation.

RidgeRun Hot Technologies

RidgeRun offers custom embedded software solutions, including development and support, for emerging technologies. Take a look at our latest technologies:

RidgeRun has more than 18 years of experience creating custom Linux V4L2 drivers for embedded systems. The customer selects the hardware sensor or chip and RidgeRun creates the V4L2 driver for it.

Abstract the complexity from rectilinear mapping to immerse the viewer in a video scene from any angle.

GstCUDA is a RidgeRun developed GStreamer plug-in enabling easy CUDA algorithm integration into GStreamer pipelines. GstCUDA offers a framework that allows users to develop custom GStreamer elements that execute any CUDA algorithm.

Seamlessly stitch together multiple images with the power of NVIDIA Jetson. Ensure superior real-time performance and high resolution by leveraging your GPU.

Easily insert or extract metadata into and from a H264 or H265 encoded stream with a single plugin.

GstRrWebRTC is a GStreamer plug-in that turns pipelines into WebRTC compliant endpoints, in order to allow audio and/or video streaming using the WebRTC protocol. Any device running GStreamer can connect to another WebRTC peer and share Audio, Video and Data content. You specify the pipeline, we do the hard work.

Get an aerial view of a scene using multiple cameras by harnessing the power of on-board hardware accelerators.

Simplify the development process and stream video over USB with this platform-agnostic library.

RidgeRun has developed a meta-plugin, which contains two elements: metasrc and metasink.


Metasrc: send any kind of metadata over a pipeline, periodically and with a data-time format if needed.


Metasink: receive the incoming metadata buffers.

Open Source Projects

Our embedded Linux solutions team understands the value of Open Source. Great things are built together. That's why we've made some of our key pieces of GStreamer-based software freely available to the community: 


You can also visit our Developers Wiki, which offers support and documentation for our embedded Linux development software and services.

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The RidgeRun R&D department releases new products and software updates with new features each quarter. The products we develop are based on customer demand. Get our latest software updates and new product information by subscribing to our newsletter.

Partner with a Highly Experienced Embedded Solutions Team

To create today’s embedded system projects, you require specialization, experience, and a deep portfolio of tools and resources at your disposal. RidgeRun provides comprehensive embedded Linux solutions to support the leading processors, platforms, and frameworks that power your design. 

Whether you require complete embedded development services, a single product or download, or even access to our open source resources, our team is prepared to help at every turn.

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