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GstRtspSink v0.6.0

GstRtspSink is a GStreamer sink element which allows RTSP streaming to multiple clients. The GstRtspSink element leverages GStreamer's RTSP server with extensions to create a GStreamer sink element providing benefits like greater flexibility, easy application integration and quick gst-launch prototyping.

The latest v0.6.0 release includes: - Current format support: - H264, MPEG4, JPEG, DIVX - AAC, AC3, U-Law, A-Law, Opus - MPEG TS - New format support: - VP8 - VP9 - H265 - Multicast support - HTTP tunneling - Basic authentication

With GstRtspSink you have the flexibility to stream different content to different clients, such as audio, video and synchronized audio+video streams within a single GStreamer pipeline through different RTSP mappings.

Find out more in our developer's wiki:

Purchase GstRtspSink directly from our website:


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