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RidgeRun Irazu support for AM5728 EVM

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

RidgeRun is announcing availability of our SDK support for TI AM5728 based processors.  The RidgeRun SDK supports the following features at launch U-boot-2015.07 Linux kernel 4.1.13Linaro Toolchain 5.2-2015-2 versionProcessor SDK integrated in a user friendly build system:Video Decode: H264, MPEG4, MPEG2, and VC1Video Encode: H264, and MPEG4Image Decode: JPEGVideo decoding on ARM: H.265Audio encoding and decoding on ARM: AAC, MPEG2 (leveraging open source codecs)VPE(supports video operations such as scaling, color space conversion, and de-interlacing)Supported Input formats: NV12, YUYV, UYVYSupported Output formats: NV12, YUYV, UYVY, RGB24, BGR24, ARGB24, ABGR24GStreamer 1.6.1SD, NFS filesystem supportBoot methods: SD card and EMMCMany open source applications available like: QT, net-snmp, GStreamer, Busybox, etcRidgeRun services for integration of graphic acceleration technology with open source software stacksUbuntu 14.04 and 15.04 Read more about it here:



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