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GStreamer Pan Tilt Zoom and Rotate Element

GStreamer PTZR is a GStreamer plug-in that emulates a PTZR camera using digital image transformations. PTZR stands for Pan, Tilt, Zoom and Rotate. They represent physical degrees of freedom in which a camera may rotate in order to capture different parts of the scene. GstPTZR uses OpenGL HW accelerated transformations to enable real-time performance on resource-constrained embedded systems.

GStreamer PTZR supports on-the-fly changes to the requested parameters which allows for real-time object tracking when paired with detection models provided by jetson-inference or similar frameworks.


GStreamer PTZR is currently supported in x86, iMX6, Jetson TX1 and TX2 platforms and any other device OpenGL 3 or OpenGL ES 3.

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