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Smart Cities

Embedded software development is crucial for the evolution of smart cities, acting as the driving force behind interconnected systems and intelligent infrastructure that optimize urban functionality.

RidgeRun software services and products enable companies to integrate sensors, embedded devices and vision systems into critical urban infrastructure such as transportation networks, energy grids, and public utilities, facilitating real-time monitoring, management, and optimization of city resources.


From traffic management and smart lighting to waste management and environmental monitoring, RidgeRun expertise empowers companies to improve efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and enhance the quality of life for residents. Our engineers can help you create your device and our products will reduce your time to market. Feel free to contact us.


What does RidgeRun offer for this industry? ​

  • Sensors and Vision systems custom integration and communication.

  • Multi-sensor and Multi-device application full development cycle.

  • Intelligent Video Analytics.

  • Microservices architecture.

  • AI model development for data-driven applications based on multi-sensor data.

  • Remote management, OTA and delta updates integration.

  • IoT applications.

  • Lightweight BSP/Yocto OS design.

  • Human-Machine Interaction applications.

  • Generative AI for human-system interaction

RidgeRun customers are working on:

Public Safety

Smart Parking

Public Transportation

Building Automation

Store Management

Smart Poles

We have ready to use software products for your Smart Cities project

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