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Embedded software development plays a critical role in the aerospace and defense industry, serving as the backbone of complex systems and equipment crucial for mission success and national security.

RidgeRun software services and products enable the integration of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and computer vision, enhancing capabilities of defense operations with hard requirements for reliability, safety, and real-time performance. RidgeRun expertise drives innovation and enables the continuous advancement of aerospace and defense technologies.


From flight control systems and avionics to navigation and communication systems, embedded software ensures the reliable and precise operation of aircraft, spacecraft, and defense platforms in diverse environments. Our engineers can help you create your device and our products will reduce your time to market. Feel free to contact us.


What does RidgeRun offer for this industry? ​

  • AI models development, deployment and optimization for object tracking, object detection and object classification.

  • Vision-enabled and action-driven application development.

  • Remote operation video and audio systems.

  • Real time image enhancement algorithms.

  • Thermal and night-vision video stream processing.

  • Embedded metadata in video streams for real time data management.

  • Lidar point cloud processing and AI-based point cloud algorithms.

  • UAVs / UGVs full software development cycle.

  • Human - Robot interaction.

  • Virtual Reality integration for remote operation.

RidgeRun customers are working on:

Smart Surveillance

Natural Security


Human-Robot Interaction

Defense Research

Thermal Cameras

We have ready to use software products for your Defense project

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