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Industrial Automation

Embedded software development is critically important for the industrial automation industry as it serves as the backbone of modern manufacturing processes, enabling the control, monitoring, and optimization of industrial machinery and systems.

RidgeRun software services and products enable the implementation of advanced technologies such as machine learning, computer vision, perception and sensor integration, empowering manufacturers to adapt to changing market demands and improve competitiveness.


Embedded systems govern the operation of robotic arms and other automation equipment, ensuring precise and efficient production processes, enhancing productivity, reducing downtime, and minimizing errors. Our engineers can help you create your device and our products will reduce your time to market. Feel free to contact us.


What does RidgeRun offer for this industry? ​

  • Sensory perception and processing such as cameras, lidars, accelerometers, gyroscopes to enable user space applications and provide data to localization and mapping algorithms.

  • Computer Vision solutions such as object tracking, object detection, filtering and image enhancement to improve robots vision in hard environments.

  • Lidar point cloud processing and AI-based point cloud algorithms.

  • ROS based architecture and applications development.

  • Audio and Video Streaming for teleoperation and remote monitoring.

  • Lightweight BSP/Yocto OS design.

  • Remote management, OTA and delta updates integration.

  • Perception, Point Cloud and Video-based AI models optimization and deployment.

  • Generative AI for improved safety.

RidgeRun customers are working on:

Sensors Orchestration

Process Automation

Warehouse Robots

Human-Machine Interaction

Industrial Robots

Video Analytics Devices

We have ready to use software products for your Industrial Automation project

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