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Embedded software development is crucial for the automotive industry as it powers the sophisticated electronic systems that define modern vehicles.

From engine management and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) to infotainment and connectivity features, embedded software enables vehicles to operate efficiently, safely, and seamlessly.


RidgeRun software services and products enable the integration of innovative technologies such as autonomous driving capabilities, artificial intelligence and computer vision, revolutionizing the driving experience and shaping the vehicles of tomorrow into safer, smarter, and more connected modes of transportation. Our engineers can help you create your device and our products will reduce your time to market. Feel free to contact us.


What does RidgeRun offer for this industry? ​

  • Sensory perception and processing such as cameras, lidars, accelerometers, gyroscopes to provide data to localization and mapping algorithms.

  • Computer Vision solutions such as object tracking, object detection, filtering and image enhancement.

  • Audio and Video Streaming for remote monitoring.

  • Birds Eye View and 360 Image Stitching solutions.

  • Multi-camera enablement, synchronization and serializer-deserializer configurations.

  • Infotainment systems development.

  • Video latency optimization for real-time responsiveness.

  • Perception, Point Cloud and Video-based AI models optimization and deployment

RidgeRun customers are working on:

Food / Goods Delivery

Heavy Machines

Public Transportation



Remote Driving

We have ready to use software products for your Automotive project

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